Circuit in share price of 3 companies including forward microfinance .

On the second trading day of the Day , the Nepse index decreased by 14.48 points and closed at 2,871.05 points.

Of the 225 securities traded on the day, three securities were priced. The shares of Forward MFI, Win Nepal MFI and Buddhabhumi Nepal Hydropower Company  have got positive circuit .

Of the three companies, Buddhabhumi Nepal Hydropower Company’s share price increased by 9.99 percent compared to the previous trading day and the remaining two companies’ share price increased by 10 percent. The share price of Forward Microfinance Institution is Rs. 2 thousand 387 has been reached.

Similarly, Win Nepal Microfinance Financial Institution’s Rs. 1,619.20 million and Buddhabhumi Nepal Hydropower’s Rs. 616.40 million.

Apart from these three, the share price of Chyangdi Hydropower Company has risen by 8.97 percent and the share price of Hydroelectricity Investment and Development Company has risen by 7.37 percent.

Increased interest in buying shares of HIDCL, the highest amount traded on Monday

Investors’ interest in shares of Hydro Electricity Investment and Development Company Limited (HIDCL) has increased.

Shares of the company were bought and sold on Monday, and the price has risen. Nepal Rastra Bank has allowed the company to operate as a financial institution and investors have become positive towards the company. On Sunday, Nepal Rastra Bank amended the Unified Directive, 2078 BS to allow HIDCL to operate as a financial institution.

The NRB has made arrangements for HIDCL to act as the main leader in co-financing loans for energy related projects. Earlier, the company had been investing in energy-related projects only as a subsidiary under the leadership of banks.

As soon as the news came out that he was allowed to work as a financial institution, there was pressure to buy shares of the company. On Monday, the company’s highest Rs. 571.278 million worth of shares have been bought and sold. The company’s share price also rose 7.37 percent on the day of the highest trading volume.

Compared to the previous trading day, the company’s share price per share was Rs. 24.50 and the final price is Rs. 357 has been maintained. Rs. The share price of the company, which opened at Rs. 335 to a maximum of Rs. It had reached 365.

Share investor Dambaru Ballab Ghimire has expressed confidence that the company, which has not left the hands of investors empty before, will be able to make more profit after getting to work as a financial institution.

He said that he was confident of making it possible to distribute attractive dividends next year even though it had distributed less dividends than the previous two fiscal years. The company has already passed a proposal to distribute a total of 8.42 percent dividend from the accumulated profits of the last fiscal year 2077/78 through the annual general meeting on December 7. This year, the company has passed 8 percent bonus shares and zero point 42 percent cash dividend offer.

The company, which had distributed 10 percent bonus shares last year, had distributed only 12 percent tax and only cash dividend last year. This year, the company has emphasized on bonus shares.

Emphasizing the increase in capital, the company had sold 100% of its shares from July 20 to September 25. During that period, 33 million shares of the founder have not been distributed. Apart from this, the paid up capital is currently Rs. 18.37 billion. The company has decided to distribute dividend this year on the basis of the same capital.

The company has also paved the way for the sale of founder shares which could not be distributed. The company has also passed a proposal to amend the rules through the same annual general meeting. The company has amended the minimum limit of Rs 10 million when bidding for the purchase of founder shares in the rules.

By amending the provision in Article 10 of the rules of the company, a minimum of 10 million shares is required to be a founding shareholder of the company, but the limit will not apply to the shareholders who purchase shares of the founding group after the establishment of the company.

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