How to approve Facebook Instant Articles in 2022 . Requirement and Eligible Countries .

About Instant Articles

An Instant Article is an HTML record that hundreds right away in Facebook, giving publishers the capability to inform wealthy tales in a branded and customization article layout that renders rapid on cell.

Instant Articles gives a faster, Facebook-local manner of dispensing the content material that publishers already produce for his or her very own websites. Every article posted as an Instant Article should be posted on a information publisher’s internet site as well.

When posting Instant Articles to Facebook, publishers and readers hyperlink to articles simply as they constantly have. Each Instant Article is related to a URL hyperlink, so whilst a hyperlink is shared in News Feed, readers on Facebook see the Instant Article model if it is to be had.

Instant Articles paintings for any sort of article, from each day insurance to long-form, in-intensity features. Instant Articles are to be had for readers with iPhone and Android gadgets strolling the subsequent software program variations or above:

This markup may be implemented mechanically, to allow automatic booklet of a whole content material feed at scale. Alternatively, it may be implemented manually to create bespoke tales that take complete gain of Instant Article abilities  and wealthy-media elements.

Instant Articles will now no longer be mechanically posted. Publishers need to percentage articles on their Pages simply as they constantly have.

Instant Articles are ranked in News Feed with the aid of using the identical standards that we use to rank general articles at the cell web. News Feed ranks tales primarily based totally on some of factors, inclusive of the quantity that human beings have interaction with them and what sort of time human beings spend analyzing them.

Instant Articles Eligibility

Instant Articles is currently available to publishers registered in the News Page index or in certain countries that have had 50,000 unique visitors to their Facebook Page in the last 28 days.

Instant Articles is available to publishers who are registered on the News Page index, for publishers with currently supported languages or are in an eligible country with 50,000 unique visitors to their Facebook Page in the last 28 days In addition to these criteria, publishers who have access to Instant Articles are also expected to follow Facebook policies

How to create Instant Articles ?

Step 1: Sign up

The first thing you need to do to get up and running is sign up to join the program. You can do this at .

Step 2: Choose your Facebook Page

After signing up you’ll be given the chance to choose which Page you’d like to activate articles for:

Step 3: Claim your URL

Once you’ve selected your Facebook Page, you’ll be asked to provide a URL you intend to use for articles. This URL will serve as the basis for the URLs of all your posts . To claim your URL you need to add a meta tag to your HTML’s <head> tag and then add the URL to your settings. All the information you need to do this can be found in the Instant Articles Settings:

Step 4: Create articles

In testing, Facebook discovered that publishers want a single tool to publish articles to the web, mobile apps, or any other places readers see their content. As such, articles can be published directly from your Content Management System — there’s no need to re-create articles within Facebook.

Connecting with WordPress

If you use WordPress to power your blog, Facebook has created a plugin to streamline the process of creating Instant Articles. This is likely to be the quickest and easiest way to get set up with Instant Articles.

Step 5: Customize styling

Facebook gives you the option to customize the styling of your articles during setup; here you can upload a logo and select which fonts are used throughout your articles. Font choices are currently limited to the Helvetica Neue and Georgia font families.

Step 6: Submit for review

After you’ve completed the above steps you can submit your feed to be reviewed by Facebook to verify that all articles generated from your website are properly formatted.

Facebook currently aims to review all submissions with 24-48 hours.

Earning from instant articles

Instant Articles Eligible Countries :

  1. Åland Islands

  2. Albania

  3. Andorra

  4. Argentina

  5. Armenia

  6. Australia

  7. Austria

  8. Azerbaijan

  9. Bahrain

  10. Barbados

  11. Belarus

  12. Belgium

  13. Belize

  14. Bosnia and Herzegovina

  15. Brazil

  16. British Virgin Islands

  17. Brunei

  18. Bulgaria

  19. Canada

  20. Cayman Islands

  21. Chile

  22. Costa Rica

  23. Croatia

  24. Cyprus

  25. Czech Republic

  26. Denmark

  27. Estonia

  28. Federated States of Micronesia

  29. Finland

  30. France

  31. French Guiana

  32. Gabon

  33. Georgia

  34. Germany

  35. Gibraltar

  36. Greece

  37. Guadeloupe

  38. Hong Kong

  39. Hungary

  40. Iceland

  41. Ireland

  42. Isle of Man

  43. Israel

  44. Italy

  45. Jamaica

  46. Japan

  47. Jersey

  48. Jordan

  49. Kazakhstan

  50. Kosovo

  51. Kuwait

  52. Kyrgyzstan

  53. Latvia

  54. Lebanon

  55. Liechtenstein

  56. Lithuania

  57. Luxembourg

  58. Macau

  59. Macedonia

  60. Malaysia

  61. Maldives

  62. Malta

  63. Marshall Islands

  64. Mauritius

  65. Moldova

  66. Monaco

  67. Mongolia

  68. Namibia

  69. Netherlands

  70. New Caledonia

  71. New Zealand

  72. Norway

  73. Oman

  74. Palestine

  75. Panama

  76. Poland

  77. Portugal

  78. Puerto Rico

  79. Qatar

  80. Réunion

  81. Romania

  82. Russia

  83. Serbia

  84. Seychelles

  85. Singapore

  86. Slovakia

  87. Slovenia

  88. South Africa

  89. South Korea

  90. Spain

  91. Suriname

  92. Sweden

  93. Switzerland

  94. Taiwan

  95. Thailand

  96. The Bahamas

  97. Trinidad and Tobago

  98. Tunisia

  99. Ukraine

  100. United Arab Emirates

  101. United Kingdom

  102. United Kingdom

  103. United States Minor Outlying Islands

  104. Uruguay

  105. Vanuatu

Supported Language for News Page Registration .

  1. Arabic
  2. Bahasa Indonesia
  3. Bengali
  4. Bulgarian
  5. Czech
  6. Croatian
  7. Danish
  8. Dutch
  9. English
  10. Estonian
  11. Filipino
  12. Finnish
  13. French
  14. German
  15. Greek
  16. Gujarati
  17. Hebrew
  18. Hindi
  19. Hungarian
  20. Italian
  21. Kannada
  22. Latvian
  23. Lithuanian
  24. Malay
  25. Malayalam
  26. Marathi
  27. Norwegian
  28. Oriya
  29. Polish
  30. Portuguese
  31. Punjabi
  32. Romanian
  33. Sinhala
  34. Slovak
  35. Slovenian
  36. Spanish
  37. Swedish
  38. Tamil
  39. Telugu
  40. Turkish
  41. Thai
  42. Urdu

Useful resources:

➤ Instant Articles developer docs

Instant Articles blog



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