Yelko Public Quiz App ‘DALO ‘ : Play, Learn And Earn In 2078

Yelko company has Public a quiz app called ‘Dalo’. From which you can earn money by sitting at home and playing quizzes.

Accordingto Ujjwal Khanal, director of Yelko company, ‘Dalo’ is an app created focusing on many issues and not just one.Khanal said that one can earn good money as well as acquire knowledge by getting the correct answers from this app which is especially a question and answer game.

At present, when the country is facing the epidemic of Corona, many people, from business people to students, have to stay at home. Khanal informed that he has come up with the idea of ‘Dalo’ in order to make good use of time and earn some money at the same time.

And when asked about the reason for naming this app ‘Dalo’, he said, ‘It is an attempt to promote Nepali traditional goods nationwide and to reflect Nepali tradition.’

Currently, there are 18 different categories in this app and new and useful categories will be added in the coming days, the company said.

Science and Technology, Religion / Culture, Entertainment, Health and Medicine, Written Exam of Driver’s License, History, Politics and Constitution, Geography, Literature, Sports, Economics, Agriculture, Mathematics, Internet, Computer and Education.

For the time being, 15-15 categories have been allocated in each category which will continue to increase.The money will come on the basis of the coin deposited after playing the quiz and getting the correct answer in this app and the money can be easily withdrawn after reaching Rs. 100 through e-service and pocket.

But for that, you have to go through the process of withdrawing money by logging in with your ID on the website of ‘Dalo’ and not through the app.

Similarly, Khanal informed that 25 percent of the income from the app will be spent on social work.

Everything from logging in to this app is free. And while using the referral code while logging in, ID will get Rs. 2 and the referrer will get Rs. 4 coin.

Group Battle, Random Battle and Contest Play are the special features of this app.

This app ‘Dalo’ is useful for various examinations of Public Service Commission, Education Service, Banking Services, Institutions including various levels of examinations and schools, +2 and campus level students and all curious dignitaries who want to know general knowledge as well as driving license candidates. The delivery company is hoping.

In the present age of science and technology, it is certainly not an easy task to try to incorporate the common knowledge in one app, which is changing rapidly and covering a large area.

However, most of the topics have been summarized and made public.


Screenshots of Dalo App By Yelko


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